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How to deal with failure?


How to deal with failure is one of the most sensitive topics but how many of us do actually face this issue? Yes, failure is a part of our daily lives, but in order to overcome them sometimes it is necessary to sit down with ourselves and straighten out some important things. In order to help myself deal with failure, I always point out some certain aspects of my life that actually remind me that even those moments in your life are necessary to define you as a person.

  1. Remind yourself of all your achievements. No matter how successful we are, there will always be those failures that hit us hard. And let’s

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My hair care with 72 Hair

hair care

Having proper hair care is just something that I really care about from a long time ago. You can see from my pictures and snaps that my hair is very very long, dyed every six months and always in a curly hair style. All those facts require a very time-consuming dedication, as well as motivation to keep doing it no matter what because sometimes it can get a bit tiring.

Everybody’s hair is different and for me it was important to find the suitable products that would keep it always fresh. To be honest I don’t use that many products because in my opinion it is not necessary to use everything what is offered to us on the market. You just have to find you own perfect amount and you are good to go. I don’t even brush it much often as then those curls would lose shape. So basically what I am looking for the most is the high quality shampoo and conditioner that would make my hair always look clean.

I jumped from product to product, and I am finally making a longer break of the search by using these 72 Hair products that I discovered on my very often trips to London. Thankfully I am always in contact with many different beauty and haircare brands and this one seemed the most suitable one for what I am looking for.

So what I do, when washing my hair, I usually give a short massage to my head as it is always very pleasant. A long hair doesn’t help very much and if I put it too often in a pony tail, it becomes a bit heavy after some days. What I consider important the most is the conditioner. A dyed hair is much more dry (and my hair is naturally a lot dry), so a good conditioner is what makes everything much easier, especially when brushing it. This 72 Hair conditioner, after just 2-3 min of being in my hair, makes it feel like a silk on fingers, and it makes it less heavy and resolves all the knots left from before. This would be what I do in the moments of washing the hair.

Later on I leave it in a towel for 2-3 hours so it can naturally dry as much as possible, as in that way later it will be easier for me to do it with the drier. What I would like to tell you is that all those curls that you see I am doing on my own! So no regular treatments at the hairstylist, everything that you see is done by myself, even the different braids that I put often. So, after finishing with all the curls, I put on a bit of 72 Hair oil that would actually protect the hair from the wind, sun and all the external influences that can damage it. I find the oil also pretty much important as it helps keep the shape for a much longer period, and last but not least, it gives such a nice smell!

hair care

natasa blair

hair care

hair care

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Fashion Blog by Natasa Blair: New Beginnings

5 years have passed since Fashion Blog by Natasa Blair has seen the light of the day. It was a very interesting and fulfilling hobby, fun moments of my free time and a place where I could share my favourite fashion pieces. I loved fashion ever since I was a little girl and I always dreamed of making a career in it. Later on, when I started my studies in Bocconi, it was the beginning of something really special. At the end of the second year of my bachelor, I asked my parents to buy me as a birthday gift a professional camera because I wanted to start my own personal website. They didn’t understand it at a time, but they were happy that I had the initiative to do something on my own. And that’s when it all started.

Ever since then this website of mine has changed a lot. I was very diligent at first, trying to post as much as possible, sometimes even every day. It was quite fun, I was really happy that I could share many photos with people, but it has become very time consuming. The initial website that I had was very simple and plane, with the regular theme style that most of the bloggers had. After a few years, I have changed the design, and actually worked more on the quality of the content. This was more less two years ago, and that is when I started to work more seriously on everything: photos, content of the articles, I wrote more and on more languages, but on the other side I diminished the number of articles per week as I wanted to make better quality and not caring about the quantity. It was a good stepping stone to start something more. In the meantime my social media pages have started to grow, including Facebook and Instagram, and I started using Snapchat on regular basis.

In the last year however, I have grown a lot. I have graduated Master of Science in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment at Bocconi University, which is actually one of the things I am the most proud of! I have started very interesting collaborations with brands, attending the events, and expanded my network also in London, where I am based half of the time. At the end of the day, I am international and it is the main focus of this blog.

For that reason I have decided to change completely the blog, to introduce some new categories and expand the content that you will be seeing. Each one of those article categories will have its own schedule of publication, day by day. In that way I will continue to provide you with some interesting and more wide content. During all this time in this industry I have realised that it is all about the changes and innovations and it is important for me that you remain interested and that you have a reason to come back to my blog.

On =&0=& you will be able to read about inspiration, meaning i will be posting in this category whatever come to my mind, whatever inspires me to create more content, whatever is interesting for me on that particular day. You can even write me some suggestions what you would like to see the most. 🙂

In =&1=& you will be able to see outfit posts. I stared as a fashion blogger and fashion looks are very important for me so they will be the most often in this schedule.

On =&2=& I will share with you some of my beauty advices, secrets and observations about the products that I use. This will be the first time I introduce this category but I have actually become very interested in this section.

On =&3=& you will be able to see some Fashion and Trends articles. I follow a lot of Instagram profiles, read a lot of articles and fashion magazines so I would want to share with you the most interesting trends and products that I like the most. In the first week of the new Natasa Blair website you will see of those a bit more as we are over with fashion weeks so there are many new interesting collections that I would want to share with you.

On =&4=& I will share with you some of my latest Travel and Lifestyle tips. Which better way to finish a week than reading a bit of something interesting about a new place, cafe, city or shop? It can maybe inspire you where to travel next week, which, at the end of the day, is the point of these articles. 🙂

I am really happy and grateful that I have this opportunity to create something on my own, follow my dreams and live of my passion and what I love. I hope you will make a part of this wonderful journey!

Fashion Blog by natasa Blair: New beginnings

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