Most Instagrammable hotel brand – SO\Hotels

My travels are always so heterogenic and full of emotions. I work with many different hotels, visit places that I have always dreamed about and it is all in my job description. Some would say I have a dream life, and I would have to say that I definitely consider myself lucky! Nevertheless, talking about a dream job, all that requires a lot of energy, dedication and time. In order for my business to grow I have to make my final product as appealing as possible. And what is the secret? No secret, just a little bit of skills in photography, time, and wonderful places to visit which can make you content creation much easier!

There are so many destinations, hotels and places that are worth mentioning. Each and any of them has something special to offer and they have left so many beautiful emotions and memories. With time it all gets better and better, especially when I visit new cities or go back to the ones that I have been to.

Vienna in general is an amazing city full of possibilities and spots that you can find. I have been coming more often in the past year and I always have so many options for some content creation: cafes, restaurants, museums, historical sites, places by the river. I could talk for hours about what I liked in Aida, why I always go to see the view from Albertina, why I always eat Sacher even though I am not a sweets person. I also always go back to Prater whenever I am in the city, Karlsplatz is both amazing in the sun and in the rain (which is not so easy!), Stephansplatz is wonderful no matter the number of tourists all the time. Those are all the places perfect for us Instagram nerds, that are there every time we come back.

Nevertheless, in the last month I have been to the definitely most Instagrammable place in Vienna for many reasons, and not just in Vienna but in general: SO\Hotels. ย I had the opportunity to stay in two of the SO\Hotels – SO\Vienna and SO\St. Petersburg. They both belong to the Accor Group, and are a derivation of Sofitel, but with a more sophisticated and dynamic style. With the longer audience as the main target, this hotel brand is highly creative and fashion-led.

So what do I think when I say they are most Instagrammable? Well, they definitely offer certain facilities and services that in my opinion are essential for a certain Instagram image and appeal! And here is why.

SO\Vienna is mostly vibrant and excessive. In September 2018 it was the first hotel in Austria to be added to the lifestyle brand’s exclusive portfolio. It got the completely new look with the 182 rooms and a lobby. What I enjoyed the most during my stay at SO\Vienna is the wonderful Das Loft Bar at the rooftop of the hotel. It was the place ofย a great mix of the cool and glamourous, and also the place to create some amazing content – a perfect Instagrammable spot! With the numerous options for breakfast and brunch, Das Loft Bar also becomes a restaurant for lunch and dinner, and a disco bar in the evening/night. I will definitely never forget the waffles and pancakes we had for breakfast. I am not so of a sweets person, but those were just to wish for!

I just have to add that the picture that you see below of the breakfast in room was done during the stay of my friend Petar in SO/Vienna – that time I just came to have breakfast with him. During my stay, it was supposed to happen too but I guess there was some misunderstanding with the organisation. Nevertheless, we enjoyed again the morning time and the view from the Das Loft! ๐Ÿ™‚


SO/Vienna and SO/St. Petersburg



SO/Vienna and SO/St.Petersburg



SO/Vienna and SO/St.Petersburg 5

Das Loft Bar

SO/Vienna and SO/St. Petersburg 2

View from Das Loft

In the same ranking as the most Instagrammable place and under the same brand hotel I have to mention SO\St. Petersburg.

SO\St. Petersburg was my home away from home during my visit to St.Petersburg in August 2018. Even though they belong to the same group, they definitely offer variety of possibilities and facilities that make these hotels a perfect spot for photo-chasers. That is why I felt the need to write an article ranking the both of them as the most Instagrammable hotel brand as the whole storytelling of the both is pretty much similar and amazing (which makes sense as that is the whole point of SO).

St.Petersburg is the city that has left a really positive vibe on me: so much history and tradition in it, but at the same time very modern and young-oriented. Hermitage is the second largest museum in Europe (after Louvre) and both from the inside and outside it looks like a real palace. It’s no coincidence that it has area called Winter Palace. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really enjoyed creating content in such important historical sites, sailing on a boat while sightseeing (and freezing in August!), walking along the Neva river and discovering all the angles of the city.ย I also loved trying out different restaurants and cafes. I always tried to find the more traditional ones as I wanted to feel the local vibe. And what was the best thing, it was not pricey at all! But to be honest, I just wanted to enjoy them the most and not focus on content.

Nevertheless, for the content creation I enjoyed the most when I was in SO\St.Petersburg. It is located in the heart of this historical city, just a few steps from the famous Hermitage museum and the Winter Palace.ย I loved the view from their rooftop bar – it had an amazing view over the St. Isaacs Cathedral. It was definitely one of my most liked and engaged photos from last summer. People loved the whole storytelling that the picture represented, and that is when I understood the potential it had for the social media. And, it is something to always remember of this wonderful city! I was a bit disappointed that at that point it was not possible to have a breakfast at the terrace, as the hotel just opened so they were still organising everything. But let’s say I have to leave something for the next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, to come to a conclusion: the secret of this job is to find the best possible places to make your content. And with the ones like SO\Hotels, the content is better than the average, which makes them the most Instagrammable hotel brand! ๐Ÿ™‚


SO/Vienna and SO/St.Petersburg

SO\ St.Petersburg – view of the St.Isaacs Cathedral

Hermitage, Winter Palace

SO/Vienna and SO/St.Petersburg

SO\St. Petersburg room


SO/Vienna and SO/St.Petersburg

SO\St. Petersburg lobby

Palace Square