How to stay strong when you feel weak

sofitel munich

How to stay strong when you feel weak nowadays is the hardest thing during this pandemic crisis we are all going through. It is so important that we stay positive and focused, but at the same time give ourselves a break when we feel down. Whether you are feeling weak or down because of your career, parenthood or a relationship, you are not alone! While feeling weak is completely normal, it is important to acknowledge why you are feeling this way.

Have anyone asked you in the past few months on a regular basis: How are you? How are you feeling? But more importantly, have you asked that yourself? And have you asked it to others? Past months have been such a challenge for everyone and I have heard so many people around me fighting their inner demons – including myself. There are so many days I feel useless, down, with no purpose and always giving myself a hard time. And let me be clear, I have done so much since the beginning of the year. My brand is growing like crazy, we are having some major PR moments, but nevertheless – there are so many days that I feel that is not enough.

Well, many of you feel the same way. So that is why I wanted to write this blog post, just to show you that you are not alone and that we are all suffering the same thing now. There are a few things I repeat to myself every day, so I get reminded of how to deal with this matter:

  1. Be grateful for your past. Sometimes we feel weak and sad because of our choices from the past. But remember – those past choices made you who you are today and actually you should be grateful for them! If they really were wrong, well then they are lessons that you have to learn from and to embrace for your future.
  2. Talk about your problems. It is hard for me to talk about what I feel and what bothers me. I usually do it when my problems are solved, but that is not good. It is a good thing to know when to ask for help and when you are able to talk out loud what bothers you. Maybe you will actually create a solution just by telling it out loud. Make everything count and turn to your friend, family member, partner.
  3. Always smile, even if you don’t feel like it. When you fake a smile because you are feeling weak, you are not only telling your environment you are happy – but you are also sending your body a message. And that is how you learn to stay strong. Your body will remember how to smile and you will find yourself doing it naturally.
  4. Fully accept the reality as it is. This might sound harsh but it is true. I remember in March when all the lockdowns started I was really depressed, especially because I didn’t see the end of it. Now, when the situation is the same, I kind of accepted everything and learnt how to live in the best possible way. It is not ideal, but the only way to cope with everything is just to accept the current state of the world.
  5. This situation is not final. So no matter how bad is going at some point, I always remind myself that it cannot last forever. Actually, whenever it goes so well too, I always tell myself that I shouldn’t get carried away too, but that’s besides the point 😀 (I am a terrible realist). Anyways, it is important that we remind ourselves that everything is temporary and that the bad period will finish. And that is how we we will stay strong for all the challenges.
  6. Focus on your strong points. This one is so important for me! I have some goals that I want to achieve, but the pandemic crisis is not helping at the moment, so they will have to wait. And that doesn’t help my humour. But in order to stay positive, I try to focus so much on the strong points that I have already created and that can grow more.

Deciding to be strong when you feel weak is actually a choice – and it is the one that you can make. Don’t ever give up, especially on yourself, and don’t make that even an option. Be your biggest shelter, place to cry and get up, and be your own biggest support!