Hotel La Lanterne Paris

natasa blair

During PFW, I have spent my days in Hotel La Lanterne Paris, a very chic boutique hotel in the heart of Paris. A very wonderful thing of this job is the opportunity to really discover and enjoy many amazing travel accommodations, the ones that are very fashion and design-oriented.

Hotel La Lanterne is a very unique and stylish boutique hotel which represents very well the picture of Paris, the one that we all know. It is located in the very centre of Paris, on a walking distance from Notre Dam Cathedral and Pantheon. I loved it because it was a real authentic place to stay, and what I enjoyed the most is the view of the Paris balconies and streets. The room was modern and elegant, with the lanterns hanging on the each side of the bed, giving a very clean theme. It was perfect some particular photoshoots, which was for me, as you may know, was really important. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to enjoy the spa and the pool as I was running all the time from place to place, but it will definitely remain on my bucket list for the next time!

lanterne paris