Going to Ibiza


“Going to Ibiza” was one of the most interesting projects I have done in the past months for many reasons: a wonderful adventure with the best team and friends, three days of stay at the boat and a visit to different places such as Palma de Mallorca, Fomentera and Ibiza. You know from my Instagram that most of the time I am in the travelling mood, especially when I have the opportunity to visit new places.

It was my first time at the Balearic Islands and I loved it! I must admit that Ibiza left the best impression on me and I can’t wait to be back. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this trip even from another point of view: as a mentioned, we spent a couple of days on the boat so the sensation was even more spectacular. I can say that I have never been more tanned in my life, or more happy to start this summer season in this way. We visited so many different beaches, changed so many photoshoot locations but at the same time enjoyed some time together and had so much fun!

Given that all of my pictures are from the seaside or the boat, I decided to make a short photoshoot in the old town of Ibiza too. All the pictures were done by the amazing Vincenzo Grillo. Even though it is in Spain, at some moments I though I was in Greece, when going through and exploring those small old streets, in which all the locals live and where you can find the most amazing restaurants. I decided to wear this Tijana Zunic dress, that I kind of can say it is my favourite of the season. Coat dress, with a two par small straps that can be tightened or loosen around the wait make the dress perfect for the evening.



I was wearing:

Tijana Zunic dress

Espadrilles shoes

Versace Palazzo Empire bag



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