Andersen Hotel Copenhagen

andersen hotel

What made even better the weekend in Copenhagen was the stay at the wonderful Andersen Hotel. When I go on trips this short especially when having to take the flight at 6am, I love having the perfect accommodation where after the long day I can relax, chill, and get ready for tomorrow.

Andersen Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Copenhagen, a few steps from the Central Station, very convenient for everyone who travels there for a short period. What is particular of this hotel is that it is very colourful, especially rooms which are decorated with wallpapers, cushions and curtains of many kind. Also, the each room has this particular Lounge part with the sofa, small table and a TV to enjoy some cold and rainy afternoons. On the day of the arrival, we also enjoyed a wine tasting hour in the Lobby Lounge – coming from Italy it made feel us like home.

The breakfast buffet was very rich of choice: for those that prefer salty breakfast there was a great range of choice of eggs, salmon, cheese, etc, and on the other side, for those that love more sweet breakfast, like myself, there was a great offer of different types of muesli, juices, croissants of any kind, etc.

Visiting Copenhagen was in my bucket list for a long time, and now when I went there I am sure I would like to go back again some time soon. I loved both the city and the accommodation, so the whole adventure with my best friend Petar will be for sure unforgettable!

Andersen Hotel

andersen hotel

andersen Hotel

andersen hotel

andersen hotel

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