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Good morning, beauties! For today I have a surprise for you: in collaboration with SheIn, we decided to make a surprise for you and organise a giveaway! In the last few months I have made a dozens of very romantic and one-of-a-kind looks which you liked a lot, so it was a time to give some of you a present before summer holidays. One of you will receive a voucher of $120 that you will be able to spend as you wish.

So basically the rules are these:

1. Register on SheIn

2. Like the SheIn Facebook page

3. Leave the comment under this post with your e-mail address (the same one that you used for registering on SheIn)

The giveaway will last two weeks and there will be one lucky winner!!



Buongiorno, bellezze! Oggi ho una sorpresa per voi: in collaborazione con SheIn, abbiamo deciso di organizzare un giveaway per voi! Negli ultimi mesi avete visto un sacco dei post fatti dal loro sito ed adesso e’ un momento perfetto per regalare un voucher di $120 che potete spendere come volete.

Dovete seguire queste regole:

1. Registrarsi sul sito SheIn

2. Mettere Like sulla pagina Facebook di SheIn

3. Lasciare il commento sotto questo post con la vostra e-mail (la stessa che avete usato per registrarvi sul sito SheIn)

Il giveaway durera per due settimane e ci sara un vincitore!




Some of the items you can all have now:

1 – Vintage floral dress

2 – Karlito t-shirt

3 – Strapless lips dress

4 – Sponge Bob Print dress

5 – Grey elastic tulle skirt

6 – Rose midi skirt

7Β – Long sleeve pockets dress

8 – Fur sleeveless coat

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