Really Glamourly: How it all started

Really Glamourly

It’s been already a year since I have started my brand Really Glamourly, so I wanted to share with you how it all started. It was actually a pretty spontaneous thing that for me has become a serious job that I have been developing for some time now.

I have started my blog in August 2011 (wow, already almost 9 years!) and back then I wasn’t even aware of what it would become for me. Back then it was just a way to express my style and to share with people of what I love to wear and do in free time. There wasn’t even the slightest idea of social media channels and how they would actually change everything. My next step was Facebook page (Fashion Blog by Natasa Blair) which I started developing from a very early stage and then Instagram (@natasablair) from 2012. Even though I opened Instagram quite early, it has become my full time job sometime between 2015 and 2016. I was finishing my Master of Science studies back then.

I have started with my greatest passion – fashion, and then with time I introduced many other sections too: travel, lifestyle, beauty. Depending on the time of the year I dedicated more time to a certain category. For example, September and February were definitely fashion months, summer months are travel ones. And lifestyle and beauty somehow come along the way all the time.

From the moment this has become my full time job, I have learned a lot, both from creative and technical side of this job. From the creative side I have improved my skills in content creation, Photoshop, I have learnt to find the inspiration in every single day and I follow trends regularly. I had to learn to always be on top of everything and to never stop. However, this is also true for the technical part of the industry: social media and digital marketing change all the time, so being on top of everything is not a choice, it’s a must! What was a rule before in social media few years ago it is not anymore, and vice versa.

After years of experience, last winter I just felt it was the right moment for something new. I wanted to start my own brand, use my voice and express my style. Of course I didn’t know at the beginning what I wanted exactly, meaning what the brand would be and represent. I have spent some time brainstorming about my possibilities. I wanted to make something that was stylish, glamorous, that would last and that would be ME! 🙂 I was always so much about the hair and it is really my trademark for such a long time, so it was definitely the best option to make something related to it. And then it crossed my mind – I am a huge huge fan of amazing headbands (Blair Waldorf and her headbands were my number one thing!) and it was definitely a perfect option for me. I always had difficulties finding the ones that I really really like, or when I did they costed a fortune. So the next step of brainstorming came along. I started thinking about the forms, shapes, colours, patterns, fabrics, and most importantly – the name. I have to admit it was such a pickle! So many ideas came to my mind but it never felt right. And then, this word glamour was so powerful to me, and I really wanted something glamourous. And it was decided: my brand Really Glamourly became a reality!

At the beginning it was still all so blur and it seemed so unreal. But when I started receiving first orders and first feedback, there wasn’t happier person than me! I was so happy, proud, confused, scared and excited at the same time. I have to say that for sure the start wasn’t perfect, but it was so humble and honest. Now, one year from then, I have to say that me and my team did a great job! I am super excited to see what the future will bring to Really Glamourly.

Below there are some colours that Really Glamourly introduced, and more and more are always coming. All this depends on the clients’ needs and trends. I really hope you guys like them and that I will also have the opportunity to see you wearing them. 🙂

Really Glamourly

Really Glamourly

Really GLamourly