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natasa blair

During this MFW there were days when I changed even a couple of times. When I had to do it in London it was tiring as the city is huge and took so much time to go back home, swipe into different clothes and then go back to the central area. On the other side, since I live in Milan quite close to Duomo, it was always so interesting to go back home, choose another outfit and then head again outside and catch up with all the shows and events.

When I chose the outfits that I would wear during the day, I tried to be creative, so basically if I had two or three outfits that day, I would make them totally different with regards the clothing items: for example, if I wore jeans and a shirt in the morning, I would probably wear a dress in the afternoon, and vice versa. I remember there was a day when I had to change my look three times, and I was so undecided in the evening when I had to go for the dinner party because I wanted to wear a dress, but then I remember I was wearing a dress in the morning. At the end, I picked out something that wasn’t even in my plans and it turned out great!

About the look: I love the plaid pattern of this dress and what I find particularly interesting is this sleeve detail around the wrist. Overall it looks quite simple but once I have put it, it reminded me somehow of the Alice in Wonderland dressing theme. Too bad the weather is already worsening, I think I would be wearing this dress quite often nowadays.

natasa blair

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natasa blair

I was wearing:

SheIn dress

Giancarlo Petriglia bag

Gucci shoes

natasa blair

natasa blair

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