New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Fashion month is over and I will start from New York Fashion Week. New York is the city that I visited for the first time in the summer 2016 and it has left such an impression on me. All those avenues, skyscrapers, longs blocks, number of parks and a hectic lifestyle have made me wanna come back as soon as possible – I am a city girl and I love everything  that a metropoli may offer.

Thanks to this job the opportunity to come back has arrived sooner that I thought. I have been dedicating so much time more seriously to blogging and I have decided that attending all four major fashion weeks was not an option, it was a must that I considered in my head a very important factor when wanting to achieve more.

Me and my best friend Petar decided to go some time ago but actually bought the tickets not more than two weeks before the actual departure. We planned to stay for 5 days, knowing that they would be enough to fill the days completely with shows, events, photoshoots and also a bit time for the city itself. It would be not enough to say that the whole trip was fabulous! Fashion shows, presentations, a countless number of photoshoots, catching up with blogger friends are just some of the things that made this visit to New York so special and amazing. I will make a short summary now of every day what we did and how we spent it so you can get a bigger picture of the whole trip.

Due to the the weather conditions, our stay there turned out to be 4 days long – our flight was late so we actually landed in the evening and lost the whole Friday. I wasn’t really happy about that but there was nothing we could do. I was happy to have even arrived. Thanks to that I missed the Club Monaco presentation, which was a very important thing for me. I really love the brand and it would have been so amazing meeting them, but I guess that will remain for the next time.

The shows that I enjoyed the most, and that you can find also on my Instagram, are the Jenny Packham and Moncler show. Jenny Packham is a fairy tale collection that every girl would love to have in her closet! I know I was left speechless and I understood why Kate Middleton loves her designs so much! On the other side, Colmar fashion show was the opposite – they were presenting the winter and skiing collection, but the whole concept of the show was really amazing. Held in the huge theatre, it was actually more a spectacle than a show. But that is what made it so special. They made kind of a winter ball, and all the models made the part of the show, dancing and walking a catwalk.

As I said before, we did so many photoshoots around the city: 5th Avenue, West Village, Dumbo, Upper East Side are just some of the places that we couldn’t avoid in this occasion. New York is full of wonderful and inspiring corners that we actually needed more days in order to finish what we planned, but I guess something will remain for the next time.

I have changed so many times during the stay in New York. I have discovered a new designer, Marit Ilison, and I loved wearing her looks during these occasions, as well as Storets items and Louboutin accessories. All these followed me during all four fashion weeks and you can see the first set of outfits worn in New York.


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New York Fashion Week



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