How to deal with failure?


How to deal with failure is one of the most sensitive topics but how many of us do actually face this issue? Yes, failure is a part of our daily lives, but in order to overcome them sometimes it is necessary to sit down with ourselves and straighten out some important things. In order to help myself deal with failure, I always point out some certain aspects of my life that actually remind me that even those moments in your life are necessary to define you as a person.

  1. Remind yourself of all your achievements. No matter how successful we are, there will always be those failures that hit us hard. And let’s be honest, even one small failure can hit us more that many big successes. I remember from our marketing class in Bocconi, when we were talking about strategies of big companies, and our professor told us: “One bad customer review is counts like 7 good customer reviews.” Translation, even though a company is successful and has a good reputation, one bad remark about their product/service will have more effect than seven good remarks.  I just interpreted this in the everyday life from a perspective of all of us. But even if this is true, we shall never forget to remind ourselves of all the moments in which we were proud of ourselves, of what we have achieved and what made us be successful in our own eyes. This will always help us move forward, work on our flaws and a make that failure an eventual success.
  2. Make it a life lesson. It is always important to learn a lesson from every experience, especially from those bad ones. Those experiences are the ones that make us learn, work and exit our comfort zone. Lessons are there to learn from, so there will always be that experience in your head in the future where you will know how to act better in certain situations, in which maybe before you were not so self-confident.
  3. Keep an attitude. No matter the situation or/and place, it is always important to keep your attitude. Never let anything doubt yourself, just always try to adapt that attitude to the moment. If I think about it, an attitude is a thing that actually always brought me ahead and helped me face many challenges. It was just important to believe in myself, be confident and d not doubt in my choices and actions. Approaching everything with a certain dose of confidence makes that path much more easier task.
  4. Make a plan. Ok, life is hard and shit happens, but what then? The most important thing is to always have some kind of a plan ahead. I am not always respecting this point and most of the time I like to go with the flow, but as the time passes, making a plan has become a very important part of my everyday life. This is especially true when I feel that I have failed in something I wanted to do well. Then I have to put on paper how I think to remedy that, what are my next steps and how I think to overcome that problem. You should definitely try it out as once you put things on paper, it is actually like brainstorming with yourself and you will get surprised how many new ideas you can actually generate without even knowing it.
  5. Think positive. Last, but not least important, is that you should always think positive. I am a believer that what you think and wish for you actually attract that, so no matter the failure and difficulties imposed to you, a positive thinking should always be present. Whenever I am sad and have a lower self-esteem due to some unpleasant circumstances, I think of the days when I was exactly the opposite and tell myself that no matter how this day is bad, the next one can be extremely good! A new day always brings new experiences and I like to attract positive vibes whenever I can.