Changes in 2019

Changes in 2019

Changes in 2019 are very important for me as I always strive for the better, bigger and brighter. There were some certain things I have changed regarding my alimentation and beauty routines. Nothing big, nothing extreme, just a little bit more careful about how I treat my body and listen to its needs.

Start from December I have has some health issues, so in order to maintain my immune system more stable I have decided to make some changes in my alimentation. Now. some of you will think that means diet, starving, etc. But no. It means just paying attention at what I am eating, how when and in which amount. I was and still am of the opinion that we should eat everything, it’s just that we should all definitely omit some stuff that don’t provide us with any benefits.

What does this mean? I have omitted refined sugars. But that doesn’t mean that I just don’t eat sweets, it means all kinds of chocolate bars, juices, sauces. I have also decided to consume dairy products as little as possible, but of course not to the extreme. For my coffee I try to drink americano or if I really want a cappuccino the go for the soy or almond milk. Easy, no?

I have decided to switch from white wheat pastries to the ones made of spelt and quinoa, and also rice. I cannot immagine not to eat carbs and they are so important for our bodies (the source of energy!!!) and we should never stop eating them. I just decided to consume those that provide us with more benefits and less sugar.

Of course, I am eating fruit as much as possible! It brings us so many benefits and it protects our immune system. So when I am writing this, when I say I stopped eating sugar, it doesn’t mean that completely. I just stopped eating the one that are just empty calories and no nutritive value at all. I already feel so great!

On the other side, I was always so lucky with my skin and I have never had problem with acne or anything else that the puberty brings. Nevertheless, as the time changes I have noticed that my age is already seeable and that I need to pay attention at how I treat it. Before I didn’t care which foundation I was using. I didn’t care if I had put night creme or in the morning. Now, all of that has changed. Sometimes I even over do it a bit but you can’t blame a girl for that. 😀

Also, it is so important to try as many products as possible so you find the one that matches you perfectly. On the other side, it’s also good to change every once in a while. For example, I have noticed that when I change my face creme, or my hair products, they are more fresh! So I don’t stick to just one product all the time. I like to experiment, change, give opportunity to new ones as maybe will age also you needs change!