Amelia Top by Really Glamourly

Amelia top 1

Amelia top is the newest addition to Really Glamourly collection that I am particularly proud of, so I will tell you now more a bit about it.

In the previous post I told you a bit about Really Glamourly and how it all started. Our main focus (and still is) are luxury handmade headbands, available in different colours and patterns. Regarding the headbands, we remained “faithful” to just this one model, as we wanted to create a timeless peace. We have received such an amazing feedback from our clients, and I really wanna thank everyone for that! But as the time passed by, we have decided to introduce a series of blouses and tops, for summer. The idea was to make a perfect combination of both headbands and blouses. In that case our wonderful ladies would be able to create a perfect look. After a few weeks, the feedback for them was also super positive, even though we introduced it a bit later than planned (summer-wise saying).

Ever since that moment, I was sure of one thing –  we had to start planning the upcoming season – autumn/winter.

With a lot of market and trend research, patterns and colours, we have arrived to the idea to produce this Amelia top. For now we have available just this one colour and fabrics version. There is a limited number of pieces available so we advise you to hurry up! Nevertheless, we are in the process of finishing Amelia in other colours and fabrics too. It will be our blouse available throughout the year, with the adjustments according to the season. What do you think? In which colours would you like to see it?

In the meantime, enjoy our photos that we did for this occasion, and we hope you will love it as much as we do! 🙂

Amelia top2

Amelia top 3

Amelia top 3