• Really Glamourly: How it all started

    Really Glamourly: How it all started

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    Things to do and give up in 2020

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Instagram pics

Very soon I am finishing all my exams and going home for a while again before taking off for Barcelona. So excited about that one!!!

Anyways, here are some Instagram photos that took in the previous month. Follow me @natasablair 🙂 New lace scarf… I see which style I’m gonna follow in the next period 🙂

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Street snaps

As I promised a while ago, I found some street snaps photos which I wanted to share with you. I adore street style because you can see really everything and maybe also develop a taste on your own by getting new ideas. Every country, every town are different stories, people have different tendencies so of course fashion is not even similar. I don’t have my favorite by now since living in Milan has shaped my taste a bit, but of course I don’t consider it the best. That’s why I love to research and look for new stuff and this kind of deal really helps me stay in touch. It is impossible to put all of them, so I have chosen some that I particularly liked. I will strive to post them more often so you get to see that too. Kisses! I decided this one to be the first since I adore the combination of Missoni dress and Miu Miu glitter pumps from the last season, and the green Zara blazer just fulfills the effect.

Very simple summer combination with a small Chanel clutch which is always fashionable. Perfect Dolce&Gabbana sequined tights and a loose rock t-shirt. Fall combination for every day. Maybe not a business suit but for sure is fashionable enough for any other occasion. Lace is never out of fashion. Miu Miu sunglasses and Manolo Blahnik stilettoes for a daily outfit. Another business suit just in other color. Yellow for the summer. New season of Miu Miu clutch for a daring mixture of colors. Loose pants are always the best!

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Let it snowww!

Now it feels like the real winter! February started with a great amount of snow, same amount of exams and not much wish to study. However, another week and it is over!

I would go outside and make a Snowman(which I don’t say I won’t do), but it will have to wait for a little while. Still, I found some time to go and shoot some photos in this beautiful environment, using the perfect opportunity to wear this red coat that I bought couple of years ago when I was in love with red(I still am, but I prefer red details). Whoever of you has time, just go outside and enjoy the winter! Love love! I was wearing: Mango red coat

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