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With all the changes that I have introduced in the new blog, travel and lifestyle is something I will be writing about and today a short article about where to eat in London. I am definitely hypnotised by that city and I always like looking out for new places, to eat, have coffee, chill, make a short break from long walks or meetings. For today I have prepared for you my two favourite places that I never miss going to when I am in London. I am sure if you are often on Instagram that you have seen already some photos of them, but I did;t want to lose the opportunity and show the to you myself.

If you are looking for a princess romantic places, with all the pastel details, a lot of fruit and sugar cupcakes, cakes to dream about and interior design that makes you wanna go to Disneyland, than Peggy Porschen Cakes is the right place for you! I was passing by this place and once I saw it I though I was in some princess movie. Every time I go back to London I stop by to have a cup of coffee and also my favourite cupcake. When I attended London Fashion Week, Peggy Porschen Cakes did a catering service for the Aspinal of London presentation. Turned out to be my favourite event of all fashion weeks, go figure.

Other place that I love going back to when I am in London is a Farm Girl Caffe, a small hidden place in Portobello Road, in Notting Hill and a few steps away from those cute coloured houses that we are all going crazy for! Thanks to Instagram and my consistent search for nice caffees, I have found this place and went to discover it in person the day after. A great choice of brunch meals such as avocado toast, omlettes, pancakes, salads, cereals, granola, cafes and sweets is something that you can find on the menu. I love going when the weather is nice as sitting outside is something I could be doing for hours. What is also important for me, is that the place is really “photogenic” so my Instagram is always refreshing when I go back there. The adorable dog on my caffe latte is just the cutest thing ever, almost felt sorry for drinking that at the end.

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