Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites

Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites

Talking about beauty, I have chosen for you my Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites. This is a beauty brand that I have started using a while ago and I am very very satisfied with it. This month I had the opportunity to try out some other products (if you remember some months ago I posted about it already), and this time I was even more happy.

Starting with the foundation, the one that I got last time was perfect for the summer: it was a darker shade, much more liquid and it seemed more like a creme on the skin. The one that I am using now is more compact, a lighter shade as I am not tanned anymore, and it remains on the skin much longer. I usually have a problem in finding the perfect shade for my skin colour as I am quite pale, but on the other side I don’t want the foundation to accentuate it even more, but this one is something in between.

Along with foundation, what I never miss putting is a good mascara. There are a number of different types of mascaras, however I always look for the one that volumes your lashes. This one does it in a perfect amount, and the most important thing, it doesn’t create those small black balls after a long time of being used.

Depending on the time of the day and the occasion, I always choose a suitable blush. It is really important for me, as I told you that I am quite pale, so it gives my face a certain contour. I usually opt for the peach pink shades, as the more darker ones look quite ridiculous on me (or at least I think so!). This palette kind of offers the both: my shades are here, and in case I need to change a bit, I can mix it with darker shades. It is always important for me to put the blush in the right way, and I will make sure to make some makeup tutorial in the upcoming beauty posts.

Regarding lipstick, what I usually choose for the everyday occasion are nude shades. However, as September was a fashion month, what was more suitable for the occasion were these red lipstick shades that are actually semitransparent. It means that I was using them too not just for some evening events, but also during the day, just contouring the lips a bit with some pencil. It looked awesome!

What I never miss out having is a good nail polish. To tell you the truth, I love all the pink, pastel, and light shades. I change them and never get tired. I don’t remember actually when I have put some brown or black shade on my nails. Actually when I see it on some other girl I always think: “Wow, I should really try this, it looks amazing!”, and once it is done I am like: “Yeah, not for me.”So that’s why I wanted to show you this pastel pink colour that is actually very good when putting it and it is liquid enough.

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Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites

Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites

Diego Dalla Palma September Favourites

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