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Here in Milan sales are getting better and better (read: cheaper and cheaper), so my fun in this awful period of exams my only fun is to out there and check out everything that is offered. I don’t buy something every time, I just like to look and enjoy a bit, thinking about my possible outfits. Actually I never think about my outfits too many minutes or hours during the day. Somehow, the moment I see the piece which I like in my head there is the right away the possible combination that I would like to try out. On my list now I have like 10 of those, some of them are also for the fashion week in February, so be patient 😀

I wanted to suggest you to go check out this Zara dress that is on sales now for more than 500% off! I really like it, because you can wear it now in winter during these cold days with some black tights for example, or if not you can also wear it during spring season. Then it is the best time for it because it is not too hot, not too cold, all you need a light jacket and you’re off to go! 🙂

Photos by Patrick Guzman

I was wearing:

Zara dress&scarf

Mango jacket

Tom Ford sunglasses

Calzedonia tights

Strategia biker boots

Louis Vuitton clutch

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