Vogue Fashion Night Out

If all of the night were like this, life would be perfect!

After an exhausting exam,mini-interview for the Bocconi Magazine and a preparation for this fantastic event, I could say that the day was totally regular. Only that it wasn’t.
I was so excited for this event which the city of fashion offers to many people that I decided for this occasion to show you one of my designs. As you may have already noticed the electric blue is the color of this summer, so I decided to stick to that rule, at least until the summer is over. The dress represents the simplicity and extravagance in the same time and that is what makes it so special and particular. That is my favorite:not to extreme,but still able to catch your eye.
The night started at wonderful Duomo, with people coming to me and asking where I had bought my dress, which gave me an amazing feeling. Thanks to all of them! Later on we continued walking, going through the crowd which was getting bigger and bigger, especially in front of stores where there were special guests inside.
We continued our way to Stella McCartney aperitivo where we had a bottle of wine and cupcakes(not a very big fan of those,but it looked cute).
In all of the places we stayed just for a while because it was getting more and more exhausting, and by the end of the night,we went with some friends to a bar for drinks since the new semester in Milan has started, so the nightlife has to start also. 🙂
Enjoy my new dress!

I was wearing:
Natasa Blair design
Alexander McQueen pumps
Accessorize clutch
Accessorize earings

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