2018 Review

2018 Review 1

We are already in 2019 so it is the perfect moment to do the 2018 review before the fashion months starts. There will be too much other material later and I like to start a year remembering how it went in the last one.

2018 was definitely a year to remember. So many changes, challenges, moments to cherish, ideas to realise. But what hasn’t changed is the gratitude and happiness for all the friends and family that I have. I want to thank them for being there for me always and unconditionally.

In 2018 I took 68 flights – my very personal record! It is 10 more than in 2017 (57). Let’s challenge this 2019 for another 10 (or more) added to the list. 🙂 I also managed to add new countries to my itinerary, such as Thailand, Turkey, Scotland, Russia, Morocco. I loved all of the places and cities I visited there: Bangkok, Phuket, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Marrakech, Bawah Island. Besides these, there were also the regular cities that I never miss to go: London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, Singapore. All in all, I am very happy and grateful that 2018 was full of travels and that my passport served its purpose.

During all these wonderful travels and destinations, I have worked with a number of amazing hotels, such as: Kempinski and St. Regis in Moscow, Sofitel in St. Petersburg, St. Pancras in London, Ritz Carlton in Vienna and Istanbul, Intercontinental in London, 137 Pillars in Bangkok, and many others. It is a part of my job portfolio that I have been working on for years now and I am proud that it has been much developing ever since.

I must say that out of all these destinations, Bangkok is the city that left the most impression on me. Besides the fact that I just adore Asia and that I really can’t wait to be back, Bangkok will definitely be the place where I will first land to!

Like previous years, I have attended both fashion months in 2018. New York, London, Milan and Paris were a must-go destinations in February and September. They have become one of the most exciting and hectic months of the year! I love them as they are the perfect moments to catch up with blogger friends, colleagues, when all the opportunities arise and when networking is crucial. I love them as then I get to be out there, do all my best, and work as hard as possible. During these periods I have teamed up with one of the most read magazines in Serbia Lepota&Zdravlje (Beauty&Health) when we go together to shows and events.

In 2018, I have also started working with some brands of my dreams, like Louis Vuitton and Casadei. When those opportunity arrived, I knew that everything that I did was worth the struggle and uncertainty. Also, brands like Christian Louboutin, Milly, Revolve, Borsalino, Pinko, and many others remained on my list of regular collaborations.

Last year I also implemented the habit of going home much more often and for a very special reason – my little nephew was getting bigger and bigger so I really wanted to enjoy each and every moment of it. Family is the single most important thing to me and I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world! 🙂

I just have to say that I am grateful for everything that I have accomplished and for every opportunity that I have been given. I have learnt to use them well with time and I just hope it will get even better and better. I wish you too to be happy, challenged, motivated and strong. Never doubt yourself and never stop at an obstacle. Don’t doubt that we all have them in the process of arriving to the final goal. Happy 2019! <3

2018 review
Metro Station, Moscow

2018 review
Avenue de Camoens, Paris
2018 review
Soho, New York
2018 review
Nikolskaya Street, Moscow
St. Isacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg – view from Sofitel
in front of St. Pancras Renaissance, London
Edinburgh, Scotland
Sunset at Bawah Island, Indonesia
Phuket, Thailand
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
View from the Ritz Carlton, Vienna
Marina Bay, Singapore
Sea plane to Bawah Island
With my babe Tesa (@tesajurjasevic) for the Revolve event during PFW
Top of the Rock, New York
Bangkok, Thailand – I looove these contrasts!
Bawah Island, Indonesia
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul – it was almost impossible to find lamps beautiful like these, plus no one of the owners wanted to let us take pics. Luckily, we made it!
View from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
Beach Club in Phuket
One of the favourite dresses last year – and so in Paris!
Milan, Italy in September
Strelka Bar, Moscow
Williamsburg, New York
Hotel Kempinski Baltschug, Moscow
Red Square, Moscow
St. Petersburg
Times Square, New York
Breakfast in Room, St. Pancras Renaissance, London
Paris, France
St. Regis, Moscow
137 Pillars&Suites, Bankgok
Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok – it was so damn hot and I had to wear long sleeves and skirt!
Harrods, London
The dress Majorelle I have no idea where and when I’m gonna wear but I love it!
Soho, New York, in favourite Milly coat
Favourite editorial pic ever featuring Louboutin Beaute lipstick
Kremlin, Moscowi
Bawl Island, Indonesia

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